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INTUITION - New Releases

European Jazz Legends 2

On the evening of May 15, 2015, Jasper van't Hof gave a taste of his sense-seeking playfulness in a full-length concert in Theater Gütersloh, excerpts of which have now been released thanks to close collaboration with the culture radio station WDR 3. He calls the band of the evening "Oeuvre", which also features the tenor saxophonist Harry Sokal from Austria, the Dutch bassist Stefan Lievestro and the Swiss "European Jazz Legend" Fredy Studer on drums. "It's a band with people who have experienced the same as I have in Europe: fusion, free and more!”

Jasper van't Hof: On the Move

European Jazz Legends

"Dieter Glawischnig, born in Graz in 1938, is still alive (March 2015)", according to the short biography that he wrote himself. It should be added that this Austrian musician, composer, educator and musicologist is successful in all four fields. Dieter Glawischnig can be heard live in a trio with his son Hans on bass and Manfred Schoof on trumpet and flugelhorn on this CD. The CD of Dieter Glawischnig is the first publication in the "European Jazz Legends" series.

Dieter Glawischnig: Winged By Distance

Playing music with only six nylon strings and a bit of air

What sounds like fragments of musical stopgaps at first impression once again becomes a masterpiece of minimalist virtuosity and unpretentious emotionalism in the hands of Hernán Romero. Following the celebrated "Tres Caras de una Moneda", the guitarist of Spanish ancestry born in Argentina and currently living in New York presents an album together with the Lithuanian soprano saxophonist Kęstas Vaiginis that is full of breathtaking facets, which creates a great effect precisely due to its airy, celebrated minimalism.

Romero & Kestas Vaiginis: Strings and Air

Ray Anderson's Organic Quartet

"Being The Point" reveals itself as a paintbox full of sounds, as a homogeneously conceived relationship between four musicians, in which the organ represents the perfect vehicle for the late realization of Ray Anderson's dreams as a young man. It is a sign of life on top of that from a musician, without whom jazz in the 21st century would certainly be a lot poorer.

Ray Anderson's Organic Quartet: Being The Point

Fascinating Album

Abdullah Ibrahim is considered uncontroversial as one of the most important living African jazz musicians. On his new album, on which he also picks up the saxophone, wonderful new compositions can be heard. The bonus DVD contains excerpts as well as impressive comments by and conversations with Abdullah Ibrahim.

Abdullah Ibrahim: The Song is my Story

The new album of Abdullah Ibrahim is also available as a 180 gram vinyl.

Remastered 85th Birthday Edition

More than one-quarter of a century of jazz history: When we now congratulate Rolf Kühn on this 85th birthday with a special release, we are paying special respect to the one of the few globally known and admired German jazz heroes. However, we are also paying our respects to a still active artist acting in line with his convictions and working with young musicians.

Rolf Kühn: Timeless Circle

Funk Jazz

With his band "Rue de Paris" Rue Protzer caught the lasting attention of the press and general public with his trilogy in the years 2006 to 2009. A rhythmic about-face has now followed: the first song already makes it clear where this journey is going.

Rue Protzer: One Note Story

Once Upon a Time

What Nelson Mandela means for political South Africa, Abdullah Ibrahim means for musical South Africa. He is the best known musician throughout the world from this country who has been opposed to apartheid all his life but to whom South Africa has always remained his home – even if he could not live there for many years. In his piano playing, he turned towards the jazz very early while still maintaining the typical South African melody for which he is loved by millions of fans all over the world who could see him live at the opening of the FIFA World Cup in his home country among others. His latest recording presents Ibrahim in solo, duo and trio settings.

Abdullah Ibrahim: Mukashi

A real summit

Bill Sheehan, John Novello and Dennis Chambers took eight years time for their new album, but the wait was worth it. As All About Jazz once wrote (about the album "Organik"): "...for those who like it in-your-face, unrepentant, and hyper-kinetic, Niacin is just the ticket." That's just the way it is.

Niacin: Krush

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